Completed Access to Information Requests

April 2013
File NumberSummaryDispositionPages Released
A-2011-00695 All July 1, 2010, to August 5, 2011 reports, memos and briefing notes (final versions only or at least latest drafts) pertaining to policy about all forms of violence against women. Exclude publicly available records. Disclosed in part 322
A-2012-00047 Estimates since July 1, 2011, of the costs of passing Bill C-10, records resulting from the Parliamentary Budget Officer report on it, and records resulting from a February 2012 letter requesting abandonment of its proposed mandatory minimum sentencing. Disclosed in part 173
A-2012-01170 Studies and reports produced by the Department in 2012, the contents of which have not been made public through Access to Information requests or general release. Disclosed in part 317
A-2012-01456 Briefing notes, memos and Question Period notes from the Department of Justice to the Minister between November 16 and December 1, 2012. Exclude Cabinet confidences, parliamentary returns and International Transfer of Offenders Act documents. Disclosed in part 141
A-2012-01669 From January 1, 2006, to December 31, 2012: all documents regarding the merging of administrative tribunals, the creation of super administrative tribunals, the reduction in operating costs and jurisdictional changes as a result. Disclosed in part 244
A-2012-01782 All final copies of records found within 5 hours of search from March 23, 2012, to January 15, 2013, that originate within Justice regarding Quebec's Right to Die legislation. Exclude those that are public or require Cabinet confidence vetting. Disclosed in part 11
A-2012-01921 All documents from August 16, 2010, to February 20, 2013, pertaining to the Ombudsman for Victims of Crime travelling outside of the country. Disclosed in part 596
A-2012-01994 Documents substantially reflecting analysis, research or policy guidance regarding claiming state secret privilege in litigation as well as briefing notes about the privilege. Electronic search only and limit to those written after September 11, 2011. Disclosed in part 172
A-2012-02026 In our Opinion: Best Practices for Department of Justice Counsel in Providing Legal Advice; Legal Risk Management in the Public Law Sector; and Statutory Examination and Legal Risk Management in Drafting Services. Disclosed in part 81
A-2012-02061 Briefing notes and memos prepared for the Minister from January 1, 2012, to March 18, 2013, that relate to proposals to get rid of preliminary hearings in criminal court cases, except in the most serious cases. Disclosed in part 6
A-2012-02082 The following report and all related March 2013 correspondence: Description and Processing of Individuals Found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder Accused of "Serious Violent Offences." All disclosed 176
A-2012-02108 English and French versions of clause-by-clause analysis of those bills amending the Criminal Code sent to the House of Commons Justice Committee during the 39th Parliament, 1st Session. All disclosed 298
A-2012-02129 Information and details for all Crown agent billings, including the top 20 agents, for the period from January 1, 2012, to December 31, 2012. All disclosed 21
A-2012-02139 Information from 2005 to March 27, 2013, about the Department reporting immigration lawyers to the Bar or to the police as well as any other disciplinary instance. Include dates, locations, infractions, the institutions reported to and outcomes. No records exist 0
A-2013-00003 Reports, correspondence, memos, briefing notes and submissions sent to the Department of Justice concerning the proposal submitted by Trinity Western University to establish a school of law in June 2012. No records exist 0
A-2013-00005 Copy of studies #3, 5 and 7 identified in a prior Access to Information Request: A-2012-01631. All exempted 0
A-2013-00045 All callups/contracts processed by this institution in the National Capital Region under the terms of any standing offer and/or supply arrangement for temporary help services during the period: March 2013. No records exist 0
A-2013-00046 All term/casual contracts processed by this institution in the National Capital Region under the terms of any standing offer and/or supply arrangement for temporary help services during the period: March 2013. No records exist 0
A-2013-00098 Drafts of departmental responses to and emails regarding the Cyber Security Strategy Action Plan, from February 21 to March 15, 2013. Please exclude Cabinet confidences and records originating from other departments. No records exist 0
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