Completed Access to Information Requests

July 2012
File Number Summary Disposition Pages Released
A-2011-00895 All records created from August 11th, 2011 to the present (September 9th, 2011) concerning the Federal Court ruling on intelligence records about Tommy Douglas. Disclosed in part 1601
A-2011-01272 Reports from May 6th, 2010 to November 14th, 2011 as well as memos and briefing notes from December 6th, 2010 to November 14th, 2011 for or by the Department regarding the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Final versions, or latest drafts if unavailable. Disclosed in part 58
A-2011-01544 Documents by or for the Department of Justice Canada as part of the selection process JUSI lJ-010706-000003/2011-JUS-MTL/OTT-DAF/DDI-EA-0080 (LA-0l). Disclosed in part 8865
A-2011-01887 All records from January 25th to February 28th, 2012 about the legal challenge launched by Rogers Communications on the grounds that provisions of the Competition Act violate its Charter rights. Disclosed in part 36
A-2012-00307 All briefing and Question Period notes as well as all memoranda submitted to the Deputy Minister or Minister of Justice for the period from May 14th to May 26th, 2012. Disclosed in part 338
A-2012-00424 Official reports on wrongful criminal convictions that had occurred between 2002 and the present date (July 13th, 2012). No records exist 0
A-2012-00445 I would like your Department’s communication strategy, specifically how it has been ordered or how it deals with media requests. All disclosed 6
A-2012-00564 Correspondence between the Department of Justice and the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development pertaining to the application of the Privacy Act regarding First Nations between March 2009 and June 2012. Disclosed in part 15
A-2012-00574 Successful appeals to the Criminal Conviction Review Group and the associated reasons. Also, content of weekly reports pertaining to any successful appeals for review. No records exist 0
A-2012-00588 Evaluation of the Tax Law Services Portfolio (MERX Solicitation #1000011068). No records exist 0
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