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Support Recalculation Services/Variation Services (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Newfoundland and Labrador

Type of service
Support Recalculation Services

Services offered
Newfoundland and Labrador was the first jurisdiction in Canada to be designated under section 25.1 of the Divorce Act to automatically recalculate child support. Orders under Provincial legislation as well as under the Divorce Act can be recalculated. The Child Support Recalculation Service, based in Corner Brook, NL is a provincial service, provided under the Support Enforcement Program that helps parents maintain a fair standard of child support for their children. This assistance is provided when child support is ordered by the Court or is included in written agreements filed with the Court and the order/agreement provides for recalculation in compliance with the Child Support Service regulations. The amount of child support is reviewed annually and adjusted if there is a change in the income of the person ordered to pay support. The service does not recalculate special/extraordinary expenses, shared custody or non-guideline amounts.

Pilot or ongoing service

Department responsible
Department of Justice and Public Safety

How to access this service
Child Support Recalculation Service
(709) 634-4172

Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador.
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No charge

Governing legislation/legislative authority
Child Support ServiceRegulations, NLR 31/07

Divorce Act

Family Law Act, RSNL 1990, c.F-2

Contact person(s)
Child Support Recalculation Service
(709) 634-4172

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