Search Request and Consent Form
(to obtain information about an individual other than yourself)

Use this form (HTML | PDF) to ask for information about someone else's divorce proceedings if a divorce was filed after July 2, 1968Footnote 1.


  1. Please type or print when you fill in the form
  2. The information you provide must be complete and accurateFootnote 2.
  3. Consent of the person you are enquiring about is always required unless you are applying on behalf of:
    1. an organization that has an agreement with the Department of Justice Canada (DOJ) to obtain information in the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings (CRDP) databank; or
    2. an investigative body listed in Annex II of the federal Privacy Regulations.
  4. If you are authorized by the law of Canada or a province to administer a person estate and you wish to obtain information about that person, you must also provide us with the proof of such authorization (e.g. Power of Attorney, certificate of appointment of estate trustee, etc.).
  5. Refer to the second page of this form for the person to sign and provide consent.
  6. Return the form duly completed and signed with other required documents to:
    Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings
    Department of Justice Canada
    284 Wellington Street
    Ottawa, ON K1A 0H8
  7. If you are looking for information about your own divorce proceedings, you must use the Search Request Form or call 613-957-4519.

Information about you (the applicant)

Your Name

Given name(s): 


If applicable, your title and the name of your organization/institution: 


(Mailing address, Street, City, Province and Postal Code)

Telephone (day): 

Information about the spouses (*Surnames at birth are required)

Spouse # 1


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Spouse # 2


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Date of marriage (yyyy/mm/dd): 

Information about your application

What information are you requesting? (please check all boxes that apply)

  • ☐ Court Number and CRDP Registration Number
  • ☐ Disposition and date of divorce proceedings
  • ☐ Location and telephone number where the divorce was filed
  • ☐ Date the application for divorce was filed

For what purpose and use are you requesting this information? For example, to administer or enforce a law; for a lawful investigation, to administer or an estate.

If you are requesting the information to administer or enforce a law, or to carry out a lawful investigation, please also indicate:

  1. the legislative or regulatory provision(s) you are administering, enforcing or conducting an investigation under:

  2. the legislative or regulatory authority that allows you to collect this information:

Would you like a response to your request:

  • ☐ By phone
  • ☐ By mail

Applicant's signature:



This form may have been reproduced and/or modified by companies and they may charge a fee to complete it and to conduct a search of the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings. Note that the DOJ was not involved in any reproduction of this form and the CRDP DOES NOT charge any fees for processing a request for information from a member of the public.

Consent for Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

To be completed and signed by the person whose information is being sought or by the individual authorized by the law of Canada or a province to administer the person's estate.

The CRDP collects information under the authority of the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings Regulations, for the purpose of informing Canadian Court Registrars of the existence of pending divorce proceedings or divorces granted in Canada. This information is stored in the personal information bank (JUS PPU 005) and is protected, used and disclosed in accordance with the federal Privacy Act.

The person, institution or organization (applicant) mentioned above is seeking personal information about you or the person for whom you are authorized to administer the estate under Canadian or provincial laws. The CRDP cannot disclose this information without your written consent. You are under no obligation to provide consent. If you agree that the CRDP disclose this information to the applicant, complete the section below.

Consent Statement

I, , hereby authorize the DOJ to disclose to the applicant noted above, personal information about me or the person I am authorized to administer the estate under Canadian or provincial laws that is contained in the CRDP databank. Only the information specifically requested in this application is to be disclosed to the applicant. The applicant may use the information only for the purposes indicated above. This consent expires 30 days following the date of my signature.

Given names(s) and Surname(s) of consenting individual (please print): 



Given name (s) and Surname(s) of witness (please print):



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