Strengthening Impaired Driving Laws - Infographic

Strengthening impaired driving laws: Infographic

Strengthening Impaired Driving Laws: Infographic – Text version

Under the proposed Impaired Driving Law:

  • Driving with more than 2 nanograms of THC per 1 ml of blood would be punishable by a fine
  • Driving with more than 5 nanograms of THC per 1 ml of blood could result in jail time

Under the proposed Drug-Impaired Driving Law:

  • At the roadside, police would be able to test saliva for presence of multiple drug types, including cannabis
  • The police can demand a blood sample to test for drugs, including cannabis

Driving Under the proposed Impaired Driving Law:

  • Police would be able to demand a roadside breath test from any driver they legally stop
  • Minimum fines would increase
  • Maximum sentences would increase

Keeping Canadians Safe on Our Roads

  • Is our top propriety

The Proposed Impaired Driving Law:

  • Does not give police new powers to pull over drivers

If a Driver is Lawfully Stopped

  • Police could demand a roadside breath test to determine if a driver has been drinking

If You Are Convicted of Impaired Driving:

  • You could be fined $1,000
  • If you are convicted again, you could go to jail

In 2015:

  • There were more than 72,000 incidents of impaired driving and this included 3,000 drug-impaired incidents

Impaired Driving:

  • Is the #1 criminal cause of death and injury in Canada


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