Video - Minister’s message

Transcript of "Minister’s message"

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms turns 35. And I am excited to launch the 35-day countdown to this important anniversary. 

The Charter is a powerful force for progress, protection, compassion and fairness. Because of it, we are all equal before and under the law -- regardless of our sex, our race, our national or ethnic origin, the colour of our skin, the faith we choose or choose not to practise, our age, our mental and physical ability and our sexual orientation.  It both protects and connects all of us from coast-to-coast-to-coast. 

My father took part in the constitutional conferences of the 1980s. I remember watching him on television from my classroom on the west coast of British Columbia as a young girl. The constitutional documents that came out of those conferences, including the Charter, and the rights and values that they uphold, are more important today than ever.

Please join me over the coming weeks as we celebrate the Charter and everything that it means to our daily lives and the fabric of our great country. 

Thank you.

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