Poster: The Charter turns 35

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Poster: The Charter turns 35 - Text version

Fundamental Freedoms: The Charter protects the freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, opinion, expression, peaceful assembly and association.

Fact: According to Statistics Canada, Canadians rank the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as our most important national symbol, beating out other symbols like hockey or the beaver.

Legal Rights: Because of the Charter, everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty under the law.

Mobility Rights: Because of the Charter, I have the right to live or seek work anywhere in Canada.

Fact: The Charter has been to outer space. Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau took a copy of the Charter with him on one of his missions.

Equality Rights: Because of the Charter, I’m free to be myself and love whomever I want.

Mobility Rights: All Canadians have the right to enter, stay in and leave Canada. The Charter also guarantees that you can look for work or set up a business anywhere in Canada.

Official Language rights: English and French both have equal status, rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of the Parliament.

Minority Language Education Rights: The Charter requires that provincial governments provide education to its citizens in the minority official language of the province where numbers warrant.

Fundamental Freedoms: Because of the Charter, I am free to disagree with the government and peacefully protest in order to make my views known.

Fact: The Charter has been translated into 23 languages including Hindi, Japanese, Ukrainian and Inuktitut. It’s also been published in English and French Braille.

Fact: The Charter has served as a model for human rights protections around the world. Among others, South Africa and New Zealand looked to the Charter when drafting their Bill of Rights.

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