Minister of Justice National Youth Justice Policing Award

2008 Winner

Corporal James Cooley
RCMP "E" Division

Corporal James Cooley

Corporal James Cooley of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police "E" Division was the recipient of the 2008 Minister of Justice National Youth Justice Award. Corporal Cooley has been an advocate of restorative justice since 1998 when he began facilitating Community Justice Forums and mentoring other individuals interested in restorative justice. Corporal Cooley quickly gained a reputation for his exemplary work and expertise, and was a natural choice to become RCMP "E" Division's new Restorative Justice Program Director in 2003.

A Community Justice Forum is a safe, controlled environment in which a youth who has come in conflict with the law and a victim are brought together, along with their families, under the supervision of a trained facilitator. Together, they discuss the offence and the ways in which all parties have been affected, and then jointly develop a plan to correct the situation that has occurred. Offenders must accept responsibility for their actions, and are given the opportunity to better understand their impact on the people around them.

Certificate of Distinction

Detective Constable Deborah Knight
Durham Regional Police Service - Youth in Action program

Detective Constable Deborah Knight

Previous Winners

The Minister of Justice National Youth Justice Policing Award was established in 2000. Here are the previous award recipients:

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