My safety plan

Call 911 in an emergency

People I can call for help are:

Name: Local Police
Phone Number:
Other Number:

Phone Number:
Other Number:

Phone Number:
Other Number:

Places for me to go are:

I can call Kids Help Phone line at 1-800-668-6868 for advice.

Someone I trust and can talk to about my worries is:

Their phone number is:

Their address is:

We have agreed on the code word in case I need help.
They know my address and phone number.
They can call help for me.

Things to take with me if I can:

  • Medicines I need
  • Cash if I have any
  • Clothing for a few days
  • Identification (like my health card or birth certificate)

In an emergency I will not worry about these, I will just get to safety.

Remember to keep this plan in a safe place where you can get it if you need it.

You may want to keep addresses, phone numbers or other information you’d need in an emergency with you.

It’s a good idea to get help making a safety plan from a trusted adult or information helpline.

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